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 All government officials and agencies, including all State legislatures, are bound by the Constitution and Shall NOT create any defacto 1871 Act, 1933 banking act laws which counter the Constitution: The U.S. Supreme Court, in 1895, ruled unconstitutional a federal law... containing unlawful income taxes, senate and house Bills ones birth certificate , statutes and codes with arguments concerning class warfare and the definition of a direct tax. "Herein...Ohio's Doctrine of Governmental Immunity was held unconstitutional and others to numerous to mention." (Civil Rights) (Krause vs Ohio, app 2d 1 L.N.W. 2d 321 1971.) Reich vs State Highway Dept. 336, Mich 617: 194 N.W. 2d 700 197"Employees of a city or state are not immune from suit under statute relating civil rights for deprivations of rights on ground that officials were acting within the scope of their ground that officials were acting within the Scope of their responsibilities of performing a discretionary act." (Bunch vs Barnett 376 F.Sup. 23.)"Title 28 Section 1391, this section makes it possible to bring actions against government officials and agencies in district court outside D.C." (Civil Rights) (Norton vs Mcshane 14 L.Ed. 2d 274.)A suit in detinue or replevin in personam should lie to gain possession of property seized by the state. (Civil Rights) Stephen, Pleading (3rd Am ed) p. 47, 52, 69, 74; Ames Lectures on legal history, p. 64, 71; Wilkins v. Despard, 5 Term Rep- 112; Roberts v. Withered, % Mod. 193, 12 Mod. 92.

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I don't know how many can hear or comprehend this.... But we STAND strong, we STAND our ground, we STAND for our rights. Standing is strength, standing is a sign of a living, thinking, Man or Woman.
Kneeling is a sign of worship, submission, defeat......

So Stand or kneel?

So Free or Slave

So Living or Dead? ( even if it is a short life you still lived)

your decision... are you a living man or woman, or are you Chattel for those who claim ownership over you?

Lawful Bloodline Americans

Have Rights


have Privileges

Illegal Immigrants

have Nothing

    "David Buess"
    "Ed Johnston"

The time for me to step down has arrived. My health issues are not improving and I, in order to get my condition under control have got to get rid of stress. Blood pressure not under control.

I will concentrate on the my court, write it, file it, and be done with this mess once and for all.  Please find a replacement as soon as possible.

I am looking maybe at knee surgery later on down the road, due to a torn meniscus that will lay me up for 6 weeks minimum.

This decision has been very difficult for me because Men like us are few and far between who willingly give it all to preserve this nation for our bloodline. Keep in touch.


this is why it has to be done in Admiralty law: In Title 28 U.S.C. Judiciary and Judicial Procedure, in the chapter and section that defines “court,” “debt,” “judgment,” and “United States” (Chapter 176 Federal Debt Collection Procedure, Section 3002), “United States” means a Federal corporation (28 U.S.C. 3002(15)).Title 28 United States Code” means, literally, Title 28 District of Columbia Municipal Corporation Code.the states and district courts are all run by privately hired corporation.. we are treated in court as: Executive Order 6 and 7 Vol XV app-45 Only has signature of the Secretary of the state (William H Seward) Andrew Johnson the president was against the 14th Amendment He stated it creates a DEFACTO GOVERNMENT. Then, in 1868, the 14th Amendment created a different citizen making all “PERSONS”, corporations, citizens of the “UNITED STATES” and “SUBJECT TO” the “JURISDICTION” “THEREOF”.

Contact Ed for info on buying plastic, metal, signs and  Decals, also available  on shirts. Will only sell and ship to the lower 48 states of America due to international Commerce Tax regulations we will not participate in.

Edward M Johnston Has Filed in State of Oregon secretary office including this filed with the senate and house as you can see, Not one of the Elected and Public servants have disagree with the facts this public notice published for three weeks in the newspapers , public notice boards and museums please read

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Justice Department warns local courts about illegal enforcement of fees and fines

Judge Rules Administrative Court System Illegal After 81 Years

Judge Rules that Government Debt is Covered by FDCPA, Forcing Collection Agency to Defend

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Law Enforcement Torture Prevention Act 2015-2016   Click here

Dictionary of Law 1893 Christianity. The system of doctrines and precepts taught by Christ; the religion founded by Christ. Christianity is said to be part of the common law. "Christianity is parcel of the laws of England; and, therefore, to reproach the Christian religion is to speak in subversion of the law." -Taylor's Case, Ventris 293 (1676). "The essential principles of natural religion and of revealed religion are a part of the common law, so that any person reviling or subverting or ridiculing them may be prosecuted at common law". -Case of Evans, 2 Burn. Ec. L. 185 (1780). The maxim can have no reference to the law of the National government, since the sources of that law are the Constitution, treaties, and acts of Congress. See Wheaton v. Peters, 8 Pet. 591 (1831). See further Law, Common; Blasphemy; Policy, 2.; Religion

***thus - any Elected SHERIFF in this country serving "papers" for Foreclosures is committing TREASON.
- any unelected Police revenue agent in this country serving "papers" for Foreclosures is a Domestic Terrorist.
- and why an Executive Order needs to be issued as a MILITARY INJUNCTION on all THEATERS impersonating government buildings. Trafficking of IP's via SSA Securities.

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If you're in a PRIVATE/administrative court or court in a federal region such as CA, FL, TX, etc. then giving your name will be considered as a name of a STATUTORY PERSON, consisting of a FIRST and LAST name.
BUT if you're on the land of the Republic or in a Public court of a Republic, then giving your name MUST be considered as name of a MAN, with a GIVEN and FAMILY name, who is protected by a Public/common law.

So the first question in court should be "Are we on the land of the Republic or in a Public court of the Republic?" If not, then I'd ask to see the contract. Why? Because US gov't is a FOREIGN CORPORATION with respect to a state of the Union, so in those states it ONLY has authority via a CONTRACT (unless it's interstate commerce).

Of course they'll start talking about the PEOPLE OF THE STATE, so I'd demand to know if the PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF XYZ are in the United States. And as they ARE, since courts deal ONLY with federal US regions such as CA, TX, FL, etc., then a demand for a contract is PROPER, since US gov't is a FOREIGN CORPORATION